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Launch of PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut Catalogue

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Catalogue Cover

The publication PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut documents and expands upon the 2008 project curated by Edit Molnár and Aleya Hamza through CIC.

In addition to documentation and reflection on the exhibited works, the publication contains newly commissioned essays, conversations, artist pages and a ‘catalogue’ of the Publishing House project. Art historian and critic Clare Davies introduces a critical reexamination of the practice of commissioning in contemporary art production. Sociologist Mona Abaza elaborates on current urban developments in Downtown Cairo, giving a futuristic vision on how the city would transform in relation to the interests of real estate investors and the growing number of satellite cities. Curator Bassam El Baroni talks to artists Hassan Khan and Raed Yassin about their artistic strategies and more specifically about the pieces they presented in The Long Shortcut. Motaz Attalla, the editor of the temporary Publishing House, provides an insight into the two-month long collaboration between designers and artists in which six low-budget publications were produced.

PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut was an international multi disciplinary visual arts project in five venues in Downtown Cairo featuring a series of exhibitions, screenings, presentations, residencies, a workshop and a temporary publishing house.

PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut explored the dynamics between informal and official modes of operation that continue to shape the social reality in this region and beyond.

The project revolved around a number of loose coordinates. One main site was Cairo itself as a quintessential example of an explosive mega city situated in a state characterised by a mode of perpetual crisis. Under these conditions one can think of informal structures and strategies of existence as creatively pragmatic answers that are by default subversive.

On the one hand, the project examined transformations in images of officialdom and the rhetoric of power through media representations. However, it also presented poetic accounts of daily life, personal narratives and creative strategies employed by individuals in the face of the reality of navigating mutating and hybrid structures.

Artists in PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut:

Agency, Ala’ Younis, Ahmed Kamel, Artur Żmijewski, Babak Afrassiabi, Bernard Guillot, David Thorne & Julia Meltzer, Doa Aly, Hala Elkoussy, Hassan Khan, Heidrun Holzfeind, Ihab Jadallah, Kareem Lotfy, Larissa Sansour, Leopold Kessler, Maha Maamoun, Mahmoud Khaled, Mandy Gehrt, Mohamed Allam, Pages, Raed Yassin and Rana El Nemr

RWE Dea, the sole sponsor of the PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut catalogue, is an Oil & Gas company with headquarter in Hamburg – Germany. RWE Dea is working in Egypt since more than thirty years in the field of oil and gas exploration and production. The company’s current activities in Egypt are concentrated in the areas onshore and offshore Nile Delta, the Gulf of Suez and the Western Desert.